Stainless Steel Handbag Hook

Love Luxe

Stainless steel foldable Love Luxe handbag hook. The hook arm folds and extends and is kept in place by a magnet once folded for storage. Measures 5 cm in diameter when folded.

How Do Handbag Hooks Work?

Under the face of the folding handbag hook is a rubber mat, this rubber mat will prevent the hook from sliding around on a counter or table surface. Your handbag will hang underneath,  using the gravity and the weight of the handbag pulling down on the hook, your handbag will be kept in place. Handbags are very sturdy and can withstand being knocked, brushed past or wobbled without falling off. 

Using a handbag is essential for protecting your handbag form damage, stains and wear to the bottom, it also increases security from theft as the bag is kept in your eye-line rather than on the ground. 

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