Casali Mirror Soles Red 1 Pair


Casali Mirror Protector Soles 1.3mm thick - Red

Casali half soles are long-lasting and durable as well as being both light and elegant. They fit well to almost every type of sole, providing a comfortable non-slip surface. Thanks to the high quality materials which are used, the result of years of research, they guarantee an elevated resistance to water yet maintain softness as any temperature. They are also 100% recyclable. The prestige of Casali half soles is derived from a perfect combination of attractiveness, strength and practicality.

These soles are pre-treated with a special primer, making application fast, convenient and give superior adhesion without roughing the half sole surface.

*For the highest quality results we recommend that you have your Casali soles fitted by a trained cobbler or shoe repairman* 

Please note: the pre-treatment is an adhesion promoter not an adhesive, adhesive will still need to be purchased separately.

Application Instructions.

  1. Clean and roughen the surface of the footwear where the sole will be bonded (do not roughen the half sole)
  2. Spread a uniform layer of adhesive on the surface of the roughened area of the footwear and on to the half soles.
  3. Allow the solvent to evaporate so the adhesive is dry.
  4. Warm both the surface of the footwear and the half soles for a few seconds with a hairdryer.
  5. Press the both parts together making sure of full adhesion
  6. Let cool, then carefully trim.

If your bonding these soles to leather bottomed footwear such as Christian Louboutins, use a Neoprene adhesive.

*Buy Three, Get One Free*

(Please select quantity amount of 4 to claim your free sole)

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