We sell your items | Consignment

1. Send Photos

Take several clear images of your item(s) and send them to us via WhatsApp or email.

2. Agree a Price 

An experienced member of our team will review your item(s) and mutually agree on selling price.


3. We Sell It

Ship the item(s) to our UK branch, we will confirm authentication and list on the Love Luxe website.


Why Consign With Us?

We know the struggle when it comes to selling your unwanted luxury goods.

You simply haven't the time to take photos, upload images, write content, deal with customers... The list goes on and on. We take away all the headaches - From snapping eye-catching photos, to creating professional content. Our expert team will get your beautiful items in front of thousands of potential customers - and the best part?

Our commission fees are some of the lowest around!



When it comes to high valued items such as handbags, authentication is a must - But here at Love Luxe, we understand that some time may have passed, and you may have misplaced the original documents. That's why we offer a free certificate of authentication with every designer handbag - Maximising the chances of a quick sale. Learn more here





Reputation is everything, and there's nowhere to hide when you add your business to TrustPilot. We strive to ensure our buyers, (and sellers) have a wonderful, stress free experience. Please click here to read our wonderful customer reviews.


How Do I Get Started?

Here at Love Luxe, we've made listing your item(s) super simple.

  1. Snap several clear images of the inside, top, bottom and sides of the item(s), including any wear and tear, paperwork, packaging, authenticity serial numbers, and send to: WhatsApp: 07519361503 OR Email: contact@loveluxe.co.uk
  1. An experienced member of the Love Luxe team will review the images and discuss an achievable listing price that we mutually agree on. 
  1. Once agreed, send your items to our UK branch, where we will inspect and approve its authenticity.
  1. We will list your item(s) on the Love Luxe website, social media platforms and private selling groups. Once sold, you will receive payment, in full within 12 working days. (This is in conjunction with our returns policy)


Want to know more?

Below we have listed frequently asked questions.


What commission amount do you take?

Our commission fees are based on the value of your item(s). Once we've agreed an amount you require, we add our commission.

For example: You have a Chanel handbag for sale - You want to sell it for £2,400 - Our commission fee 15% = Final selling price is (£2,760) £2,400 for you | £360 for us


  • Items listed at over £5000 will benefit from a custom further reduced commission rate
  • Items listed £2000-£4999 - 15% commission fee
  • Items listed £200 - £2000 - 20% commission fee
  • Items listed under £200 - 30% commission fee


What items do you consign?

We will only consider premium designer items such as; Shoes, Bags, Clothing and Accessories. If you're unsure, please feel free to contact us. 


I'm not sure if my item is genuine, what do I do?

We offer an authentication service for designer handbags using Entrupy technology. If the item is genuine, you will receive a certificate of authenticity. - Learn more here


How do you value my item?

We value items based on its condition and current resale price. 


When will I get paid?

You will receive payment in full within 14 days of your item being sold. This is in conjunction with our  returns policy.


How long will it take to sell my item?

We can’t make any guarantees on how long it will take for an item to sell – However; Most items generally sell within 14 days. (Need a quicker turn-around? Try our cash buy service here)


I've changed my mind and want my item back.

If you decide you can't bare to part with your item after it's been sent to us, we'll happily return the item(s) - However, you will need to cover the return shipping cost.


Gain access to pre-sale, the newest items, discounts and special offers via our WhatsApp VIP preview groups.

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