Welcome to LoveLuxe- Our luxury and designer resale business.

We specialize in buying and selling brand new and some lightly-used designer items in new or nearly-new conditions. As a company we have sold designer goods online on auction sites and other designer resale sites, for many years. However, the commission percentages that these sites take are usually in the region of 30-40% meaning that items have to be listed at a much higher price just to make sure that these costs are covered. Ultimately this means that the buyer isn't getting the best possible price for the item which they are purchasing.

This is how the concept for our business came about... We decided to create a website ourselves and cut out all of the "middle- men" and extra costs. Doing so has enabled us to bring you the best  luxury and designer pieces at the very best prices, whilst at the same time still providing you with our excellent personalized service and authentication guarantee. Before any item is listed on our website it has been thoroughly checked for quality and had it's authenticity verified by our in-house authentication team who have combined experience of over 11 years working with and authenticating luxury and high end goods.

We tend to keep our stock small, however items don't stay in stock for very long, most items sell within a week of being on the site meaning that the stock we do have is constantly being updated with new items. We also providing a "sourcing service"- if there is a particular item that you are looking for simply contact us and let us know and we will do our very best to find the item for you, at the right price.


Gain access to pre-sale, the newest items, discounts and special offers via our WhatsApp VIP preview groups.

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