6 Jars of pickle,5 Christmas drinks, 4 newly-listeds,3 worthy winners,2 chunky clonkers and a grouuundbreaking thing Chanel diddddd!

December 10, 2018



 Oh, I’m so sorry I’m a bit late! It’s been a hectic week with my day job and I’m a bit behind.

Firstly, and once again, WELL DONE to the VERY gorgeous and VERY clever (drum roll por favour…)

MEL MARSDEN for her witty, clever and thought-provoking poem. It was a firm favourite with us from the start. Don’t blame me! I tried to help you all out last time by telling you what was needed to beat this one. To be honest, it was a brilliant effort from ALL OF YOU that entered, the runners up were also very good, a high standard.  Alas Mel won and well done to you Mel, a more deserving winner, there never was, hope you enjoy your prizes.

Also, I want to THANK those of you who entered… if we do a competition from now on, it will be of the same standard, and let me say, those prizes don’t come cheap. But you know we want to treat you every now and again so…

Like I said last time, if you are a regular with us (I personally, check what’s new in a 39 every night without fail!) and you are NOT signed up for the newsletter, you must be crazeeee!

Newsletter IS KEY to getting all info first! If Charlotte gets a second wind after dinner and decides to list that day’s deliveries, you can bet your sweet potato it’ll be announced AS SHE IS DOING IT via NEWSLETTER. You see, we have a special Newsletter Announcer on hand, waiting to tell you anything important…employed just for this… hanging around, watching, waiting, tapping fingers, twiddling thumbs… so please BE IN ON IT!


Right, let me just get a peppermint stick off the tree and I will begin with some important news today from CHANEL…

French fashion house Chanel have announced that they will no longer be using fur or exotic skins in their collections, this announcement was made on the eve of their pre-fall Metiers d’Art fashion show. Chanel is the first big fashion house to ban fur as well as exotic skins.

Thought many of you would be interested to know this. It’s kind of ground breaking is it not?

Are you all looking forward to Santa coming? Do you all have your lists made? Are you all being good? Are small children all around the country being bribed to be good? Are you up to speed with your Christmas shopping? Ok, ok, don’t panic, I’m not going to go on and on about my own organisation.

Except to say, I AM SO EXCITED for Christmas this year. I’ve got three of my girls coming on Christmas eve and my son in law and can I just say? They are full on, no holds barred FOODIES!

So, I have had several meetings over the last few weeks with Mr. Jamie Oliver, I have taken his advice over the cocktails and the food… he’s given me lots of tips and advice and I have really enjoyed watching all of his older Christmas episodes! He tried to get me to go for AN ITALIAN CHRISTMAS but I’m not 100% convinced on that one yet. All I can divulge is that the following will PROBABLY be in the mix at some point … in one way or another…

Argentine Red Shrimp (4INCHES LONG…not that size matters)

Tasty Little Mouthfuls, served on 30 vintage dessert spoons

Authentic Catalan Paella.


Something lemony and palate cleansing

Trad Trifle

N.B. None of the above is confirmed yet…until I can see it all set out in my own head and that’s when it becomes a definite.

Bloody Mary will be there.

White Russians will be invited.

Jamie’s mulled cider.


Marks’s chocolate milk, for my chocolate milk- loving girl, she knows who she is.


Good grief! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! I’ve got a cute idea using vintage baskets…Anyone who was not around in the 1970s won’t know that pub food used to be served in baskets.

Yes. Baskets.

I also made, over the weekend enough pickled onions, piccalilli and date and apple chutney to sink the Titanic!  So, everyone who knows me, expect piccalilli in your stocking.

That sounds kind of yucky.


Have you all seen our gift-wrapping service? Good or what? The gift cards? How simple can it be? Treat your special person to a little something extraordinarily FABULOUS this Christmas.

Singletons, READ THIS! You have no special person? Darling, read on, I insist!!!

 If you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself, maybe freshly out of a relationship, or you can’t seem to find a person to love. (cue Freddie singing “Somebody to Love “I hope you have all seen the film by now,)


Spend the money you would have spent on them on your ruddy self, DO IT.

Then fall in love with that lush person. (YOU)

Treat yourself like your absolute bestest friend EVER.

I am not kidding. How many people do you know who say things like,

“Oh, I hate my legs!” “I hate my boobs!” “I hate my hair”

Come on now, give yourself a break! Don’t use this awful negative self-talk.

Try something different, look for all your beautiful qualities. Give yourself a pamper night.

Get a haircut. Wear your best outfit. Give yourself a facial massage…OR….

You know what’s coming….

Buy yourself a piece of LOVE LUXE.

If that’s out of your price range at the moment and Lay Away and our 0% finance option are not even an option for you right now, ALL IS NOT LOST. Sign up for our newsletters, watch for the Blogs, enter the competitions, like us, share us, and keep your eye on us!


Ok, and so once again we get to Preferred Profile (doesn’t time fly?)

1for the chaps this week.


I’m funny about sneakers, let me just start by saying that. I like a good chunky sole and rounded toe, they have to be clonky and chunky. You will not find that word in any dictionary, it is made up by me and is used exclusively when describing shoes. They have to balance out the leg and as we are not in possession of skinny legs in my family, we demand a clonky sneaker.

 That said, THESE ARE PERFECTION. Only worn once, slight damage to box but listen, who cares when the price new is £625.

 If I hadn’t already bought my old man a totally BORING top of the range motorcycle tool box (tell me about it…) he would be getting these…at least I would get some pleasure looking at him in them.


It is time to bid each other adieu once more.

 Take care, lots of love, especially to those feeling fed up,

Ta-Ta, Vanessa. Xx

P.S. Just seen the video sent in by happy customer. You look fantastic in them! We LOVE LOVE LOVE when you send us your pics and vids, many thanks, most satisfying to see our actual customers in Love Luxe x

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