March 27, 2019


Hello Luxury Lovers!


How are things in your world? I am so busy right now and this shows in how late I am with this blog again…sorry!

Ooh have you seen the finish on the resoled Louboutins from our resoling service?? I was amazed how glossy and new it made them look. If you do not yet know about this, take a look at the website because the prices for this service are very appealing.

While you’re there, check out that brand new love ring by Cartier! Any men reading this, that ring would make some lucky lady a truly awesome wedding band!

So today I want to talk about the importance of having not only a good purse or money wallet, but the right one for you. I lost my bank card recently, this was because my purse has been playing up! The catch on it has come loose and because of this, I have been altering how I use it, for example not putting cash and cards where they normally go.  Result, 1 lost bank card, luckily found by someone in the supermarket and handed in. I panicked OBVIOUSLY, and cancelled the card so now have to wait for my new one to come through. ANYWAY…this got me thinking about the importance of having a lovely but practical purse that works for you. I have bought purses before or had them as gifts only to be disappointed and annoyed by the interior design of the thing.

You know what’s coming, right? When I was at Love Luxe H/Q the other day I couldn’t resist taking a couple of purses out of the glass cabinets and marvelling at their sheer beauty and luxe-ness. One of these will be featured a bit later. There are quite a few to choose from if you are wanting to organise the way you carry money and cards, including gems from Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton!

The fabulous thing about treating yourself to a good quality, beautiful purse is of course that you and it are in contact A LOT throughout the day! You will get that little thrill of owning a piece of practical deliciousness at least 6 times a day I reckon.


Ok, who here is still not signed up for the LOVE LUXE newsletter? Oh, come on Darlings, pleeease! Use your head, you know you don’t want to miss out on a single thing with us! You also know there are times when Charlotte’s had a good day and everything has fallen into place, the stars are aligned and…


She will put out an offer on an impulse, which may only last 24 hours. So hey, if you want to miss that, go ahead and ignore my plea for you to sign up. The newsletter is nothing like the ones you get from your child or grandchild’s school so there’s nothing to fear, you will not be roped into making butterfly buns for a fundraiser! You will not be asked to help your child or grandchild to complete a project on Henry VIII and you definitely will not be informed that headlice is going around.

I said it before, I say it again, keep us close, sign up for our newsletter!


Now I move on to a really exciting thing for us here at headquarters. WE HAVE OUR OWN LOVE LUXE BOXES! Have you seen them? Are they beautiful or are they beautiful?

Also, and equally important, we have beautiful LOVE LUXE handbag holders! OMG, did you see the little video of how they work? Aren’t they great? I don’t know about you, but it has never felt right to plonk your handbag down on the floor, at your feet. So, let us take a minute to use our imaginations (because it’s actually been a while since I used mine)


There you are, on your way to meet the man of your dreams for lunch. Yes you made an effort but you made it look like you wake up that way, natural, no make-up make-up, hair slightly mussed up, a light tan (Dove Summer Skin) Of course you chose to wear heels but they are just a pair of Louboutin Leopardinos with a kitten heel that you threw on in your haste ( yes, anyone who read my previous blogs knows all too well, I never truly got over those not fitting. I WAS offered therapy but turned it down due to lack of time.)

You spot him there, he is running towards you, like David Bowie in the China Girl video 2.05 in, he’s wearing a suit and an overcoat and straightening his tie…EXACTLY THE SAME AS THAT, ok?? He embraces you, your huge black Chanel bag bought from LOVE LUXE, falling off your shoulder onto your arm, a passionate kiss, he leads you to a table in the little French bistro… you catch a glimpse of you both in the window. Your heart soars, the sun is shining, and all is good in the world.

 You sit, you take your sunglasses from your bag and retrieve a little gadget from your pocket, and this little gadget is one of the LOVE LUXE handbag holders! You attach it effortlessly to the table and hang your Trophy Bag opposite your Trophy Man. A glint from the gadget attracts a lady’s attention, across the bar and she nudges her friend and they both come over and congratulate you both on being such a gorgeous looking couple. She enquires about how you used the LOVE LUXE gadget, you tell her about it and how fabulous the website is and you write down the website for them both and as they smile and walk away, you tell her to be sure and check out the blog.

Hell yes. There WILL be a novel one day!

Right then people, you know what time it is. My cup of tea has just arrived which means I must be nearly done. So…

Preferred Preference this time is,

Christian Louboutin Panettone Wallet Kraft Loubi, brand new. Made from calf leather, has all original packaging and a steal…A TOTAL STEAL, at £295, RRP £565. It looks, feels, smells and sounds AMAZING! The only thing I didn’t do was taste it!


So, time to go. Thanks for reading, I’m truly grateful for you sticking with the blog even though it has been a bit late, lately.

Lots of love and Ta-Ta from me for now,



  1. It’s nearly time to enjoy Ibiza from your armchair! Check out @Ibizamonkeys on Instagram for some brilliant photos of our Love Luxe founder and her clan getting up to mischief and magic on the wonderful island of Ibiza. Some brilliant recommendations for places to visit there!

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