A little bit more about "Lay Away"...

October 21, 2018

A little bit more about

Hello Hardworking Lovelies, out there, including any men who are looking in!

So glad to see you decided to pay a visit to the Love Luxe Blog once again! Thank you kindly! The weather has been very changeable this week, dressed for winter and as the day has progressed layers been removed or added accordingly.

The buzzword for the coming season, according to Marie Claire is PROTECTION, in the form of puffa coats, lots of layering, hats, scarves, boots and anything else that makes you feel wrapped up against the elements.  So.. I’m on the right track, although two puffa coats together is not something I'll be trying!

Ok, today I want to talk about the feeling we get when we treat ourselves to something REALLY GORGEOUS. I'm not talking about NEED here, noooo!!...I am talking about WANT. Desire, craving, yearning, burning (??) no, not burning, longing, wishing for...Come on, humour me here please, take a lovely minute to indulge in the thought of how even the thought of this makes you feel ...

(I’m setting the scene)  

Ok, you are home from work, after a day of having to deal with problems and people (personally I don't struggle with the problems, it's the people. I can be a " People Person" but only for twenty minutes at a time... and I'm not talking about the Love Luxe staff, who are all down to earth and incredibly funny, I'm talking about my day job.) Anyway, come on, I DO tend to go Off-Piste a bit don't I?  

OR... and believe me, neither one is easier or harder...

Your delightful offspring are in bed/cot, finally. Your sweet and wonderful little babies have given in to sleep and as you look at them, all pink and sweaty from crying, once again they are the most beautiful and perfect babies, whatever their age. 

You calculate, you probably have 1 hour and forty minutes of freedom. For the person who works outside the home you really should make notes on that meeting you had today, notes that make sense, the ones you wrote during the

meeting make NO sense whatsoever. But sod that...

You take a shower or have a bath, slip into your bathrobe (or whatever is your preference at this point) and pour a drink, possibly alcoholic, sit yourself in your favourite place with your phone and relax.

Now, you check your messages, you check your eBay purchase has been sent and you check your Instagram...yes, you save the best for last because THEN and only THEN do you check your Love Luxe to see what has been added for you to dream about...

At this vital point I want to break your reverie and say to you that I am not an advocate for overspending or compromising your financial situation for the sake of some item of pure, unadulterated luxury that makes you 

feel nauseous with longing, whenever you see it. So... are you ready for this???

LAY AWAY.  (yes, it sounds adulterous but it's not)

Yes, beautiful, easy, accessible, clever Lay Away!!!

If there are bits of Love Luxe you haven't explored yet, I implore you to. Especially Lay Away.

If you don't know what it means, then it could be that you have always afforded what you have wanted.

If, however, you have a deep desire for a pair of exquisite shoes (or something) that you think you will never afford, take a look at our Lay Away service.

Treating other people feels wonderful, but you know what? sometimes YOU deserve a treat.

If you've never owned a true luxury item FOR YOURSELF, you should put it on your To Do list because the quality and the workmanship are off the scale of anything you have had before.

The fit of the shoe, (even the highest heels) feel good, how else do you think Victoria Beckham wore skyscraper Louboutins while carrying Harper??

A luxury handbag has the most beautiful lining and detail and the leather and fabric feel like nothing has been compromised in the making of it. 

I know I'm going on a bit but the feeling you get when you buy something lovely is indescribable.

I'm passionate about it, we all are here, and we make no apologies for it, so let's look at this week's preference for profile, and it's getting harder to choose now as more stuff is being listed.

Christian Louboutin Door Knock Pumps size 39, BRAND NEW, £325.

Now let's look at them in terms of Lay Away.

25% needed upfront to make them yours, that is £81.25 and the rest to be paid within 90 days

that's about £20.30 per week for 12 weeks, or 2 payments of £121.87....Do the maths (no, REALLY, do check. Maths not being my strong point!) But you see what I'm saying?  

Anyway, must fly, have a good week!


Vanessa. Xx

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