These shoes have my name all over them…or they would, if they were my size!

March 07, 2019

These shoes have my name all over them…or they would, if they were my size!

These shoes have my name all over them…or they would, if they were my size.


Hello everyone,

Sorry long time since last blog, how you all doing? Lots of lovely merch on at the moment isn’t there? Lots of the same shoe in few different sizes, Charlotte is trying to give more people the opportunity to buy the shoes they love. We get lots and lots of people saying, “Ohhh, why can’t they be in MY size?” so that was one of the things she wanted to address.

Caroline Cooke looked incredible in her Pigalle Burma Ring Strass a few weeks ago, don’t forget to tag us in your Love Luxe selfies. It is so lovely to see our actual customers in their purchases.

I am going to be planning for my work trip soon, nothing wrong with early planning. Yep, a lovely three-week trip to research the new Louboutin hotel in Portugal, yes, it’s not opening until 2020 but I can start getting ready now. It’s going to blend in with local buildings and serve local organic food. Also, it’s near his holiday home, which will be handy when we get invited for drinks in the evenings!

I’m just waiting for my confirmation to come through from Charlotte…………..

……….still waiting…….

It’s a much shorter blog this time, I have a bit of a BAD BACK and trying not to sit for long! Or stand for long for that matter, yes that is a genuine reason! A bad back is SO inconvenient when you want to wear new shoes! Seriously though people, take care of your backs, if you hurt them badly, it will always be your weakness.


I’m babysitting tomorrow and will be sloshing our baby around in the kitchen sink because the family bath is actually for a spa and so large and deep that I doubt I’d be able to haul her out of there. I wonder if we have a big butterfly net somewhere?

Very sad to hear recently that Karl Lagerfeld had died, aged 85. R.I.P.  Mr. Lagerfeld, the fashion world will miss you and your wonderful designs.

Preferred Preference now. I have tried these exquisite shoes on and was amazed at how comfortable they were, this is because the front of them is mesh and just gives to fit your foot. They literally mould to your foot and feel FANTASTIC, obviously look it as well.

They are the wonderful Louboutin Follies Lace Mouchette, size 40. Love Luxe price is£345 and RRP is £595. They are a truly divine gold with black leather back. My husband was there when I tried them on and even, he said “WOW, THEY’RE SEXY!!”


Ok then you people, I’m so sorry to cut it short this time. Don’t forget to like us, share us, shout about us from the rooftops and definitely make sure you are signed up for the newsletter!


Ta-Ta for now and see you soon,

Vanessa. Xx

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