Love Luxe Relaunch...

October 02, 2018

Love Luxe Relaunch...

Hello once again Beautiful People!
So, this week at Love Luxe H/Q, we are all feeling slightly delirious. ( for once, it's not due to tiredness, although that usually features strongly)
But no, it's from the excitement of what's in store for you all, when we re-launch our new and improved website for you!
The new site will be jam-packed to the rafters with all manner of sublime and luxurious temptation...
We feel the need to admit right here , right now, that the men have been a bit neglected. 
 Man stuff is notoriously harder to find ... HOWEVER, our founder, Charlotte, has been on a mission!
Travelling far and wide, over hill and vale  she has managed to procure some serious luxury for all you Alpha Males out there. 
So come on then wives, partners, girlfriends and other halves, forget the boring Christmas pressies for him this year and show him some Love
with a bit of Luxe on Christmas morning.
If you are clever and drop hints, he may reciprocate when Valentines day comes around.
Next thing on my list is to say that the delirium is making us all come up with some incredible competitions, with chances to win
awe-inspiring prizes!! Details to come next time!
So there's plenty to look forward to all through autumn and winter at Love Luxe. Grab a coffee, put your little feet up, click on us
 and imagine yourself owning a truly beautiful pair of shoes (or handbag even) if you wondered what all the fuss is about with high end 
items like these, it might be time for you to find out.
Before we part, can i just please mention a pair of Louboutins  ready and waiting for a new owner and at a ridiculous price of £195??
Of course it's the Pony Leopard Heels, these are so cute and quirky, i couldn't resist featuring them this week, yes i know they aren't 
the most expensive but that little gold bit at the front would look SO good against the red OPI on your toenails, tres chic Darling!
Until next time, ta-ta for now!
Written by-
Vanessa Painter
Love Luxe Columnist

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