Love Luxe weekly update!

October 13, 2018

Love Luxe weekly update!

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening ,Valued Customer!
Just want to start off by telling you that the blog is going to be coming at you on a more regular basis from now on. Due to growth and expansion at Love Luxe,
Charlotte has had to delegate a few things out to other members of the Love Luxe family...something she finds incredibly hard to do, being a bit of a perfectionist!
This time I want to talk about something we are asked about occasionally , more so, in the beginning actually, before Charlotte took Love Luxe to 
new and vertiginous heights ( more of this later!) and the subject I am talking about is Authentication, or..."Is it the real thing?" so, as we all know, there are millions of fake copies of every luxury item known to man, out there. Probably selling for what seems to be a bargain price to the prospective buyer. Our small team here at Love Luxe have had years of experience in authenticating items.
Over the last couple of years or so, we have had chance to buy some good profit~making items but if one tiny detail has not rung true, we have declined. This is because our reputation and our customer, YOU, mean more to us than making money.
There is so much to know and ever single luxury brand has different "certain little somethings" that are bulletproof proof ( that even a thing?) to the authentication of the item.
Did you know, for example that an authentic Saint Laurent bag ( and it's been Saint Laurent by the way, since Hedi Slimane re-branded Yves Saint Laurent 5 years ago, excitingly...for ME at least, this means, if you purchase a piece from us with Yves Saint Laurent on it, you are purchasing a piece of history!) will have an edge that is always consistently finished and may have a technique used, which mimics hand~stitched quilts from Marseilles....this is the kind of detail we go into, OBSESSIVE? US??
Next up is to tell you about our recent exciting escapades!  It all started a few weeks ago, when a journalist approached Charlotte for an interview about her work and success in creating Love Luxe.
Like I said, she's quite modest and loves her life as a busy mum to our gorgeous Anyssa (7) and Briseis (5 months) and stepmum to Jack , however, this journalist recognised  the extraordinary accomplishment of creating something as brilliant as this, and all because of one pair of Louboutins.
Let me say- that to wear a pair of Loubs out ,you have to really have given them some hammer...and this she did.
In short, Love Luxe was born due to a need for more gorgeous, authentic shoes!!
Anyway, back to the escapades, this story was picked up EVERYWHERE, Italian fashion magazines to The Sun!
That day was AMAZING!! she has most recently taken part in a programme , soon to be aired at 9pm on ITV some time before Christmas, watch out on the blog for details of when.
Next. Due to afore mentioned activity,
...WE ARE RE-LAUNCHING OUR BABY, no... not Briseis! The Love Luxe website!  And as was mentioned a while back, there will be competitions with champagne, vouchers with crazy discounts and just what we all need at this time of year ...a restful, relaxing spa break!  
If you don't normally bother with the blog, "Oh , it's just the blog...let me get to the shoes!!!" type of attitude, I strongly recommend checking it out regularly because I am usually the first to hear about any outrageous discounts that our sleep-deprived leader comes up with at 3am.
And lastly, the shoe of the week for moi?? I gave you clues already!  It's an exquisite pair of Yves Saint Laurent Booties, size 39.5, £275 in navy blue and black, oh please how much more French do you want??
Signing off now, ta-ta, Vanessa xx

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