My night alone in the Love Luxe office...

November 04, 2018

My night alone in the Love Luxe office...

Good Evening Luxe Lovers!


As promised, this blog’s main content is titled…MY NIGHT IN THE LOVE LUXE OFFICE, ALONE!!

I do hope it’s eagerly anticipated, as I hope to make you all green with envy with this little tale.

So, about six weeks or so ago, I sensed a bit more weariness and “ Too much work and not enough play makes jack ( and jill ) a dull boy ( and girl )” -ness happening at the Love Luxe headquarters.

I don’t even know if everyone has even HEARD of that little saying, but it seemed like a lot of late nights working were taking place after the Love Luxe children were in bed (is that a step too far? Oh, indulge me, why don’t you)

 So I offered to babysit.

Now, the seven-year-old and the eleven-year-old are autonomous, they’ve literally been getting themselves up and ready for school, including fixing their own breakfast since Anyssa was three and Jack was seven. I kid you not.  When I turned up to babysit, one was on Fortnite and one was making videos for her own Youtube channel.

I was told with a half-smile, “Briseis might keep waking up, or she might sleep ‘til eleven or so…”

Mmm, this sounded like the first time I babysat, when I was told,


If I’m honest, trying to keep a baby happy in the same room is not easy. I like to walk round with her, asking her questions like,

“Doesn’t that dripping tap drive your Mum and Dad mad Briseis?”   and “Haven’t you got some beautiful strong legs? I think you are going to be a hockey player when you get to big school…”

Stuff like that.

Anyway, I bathed the littlest one while her parents showered and made themselves look good.

I got her into her pyjamas, gave her all her mashed banana and let her play for a bit. Then, and this was KEY… I held her and did slow dancing with her, sang to her and showed her the trees blowing outside the window.

Her Dad came for her (bottle of milk hidden in pocket) and took her up to give her the bottle and put her down for a sleep.

Enter stage left, the VERY EXCITED parents who had scrubbed up really well to be honest.

She in 120mm heels and he giddy at the thought of getting her to himself!

Other than keeping the children safe and happy, my other (LESS IMPORTANT) reason for being there, was to try on the Louboutin Leopardinos!

How many times had I looked at them and lusted after them since they were listed? Who knows?

Lots and lots and lots. So, before they went off to have fun, I was told,


“Try them all on! Go through every box! Don’t miss a single pair!”

And the next words will make some of you ill with envy,

“Don’t forget, you will get your STAFF DISCOUNT”

Staff discount, what a lovely thing that is…

Well, baby woke up only once, had rest of her bottle then slept, I was later told, ‘til six thirty the next morning! Now am I not a professional Baby Whisperer as well as Blogger and various other things?

I actually think the baby did this for me, so I could have a lot of fun trying the shoes on.

I mean honestly, the whole experience was one of total sensory pleasure, hang on, no that’s not true, I didn’t TASTE the shoes.

I did however see the differences of the leather, a pink patent So Kate, against the black thick,soft leather Balmain jacket, I also heard the sound of the zip on the Chloe bag, I tell you, that zip PURRED as I opened and closed it. Really. You want to know about the smell of shoes like that?

 How even the boxes they come in are part of the pleasure? Open the box, remove the red shoe bag off the top, remove the tissue, and oh! What can I say? The smell of the highest quality leather money can buy, bloody gorgeous!  The feel of those lovely shoes on my not so lovely these days feet, looked fantastic but apart from that, I felt BEAUTIFUL in them!

No wonder so many singers, actors, and A listers  wear Louboutins, Monolos and Jimmy Choos, you feel kind of special and a bit superior in them, I’M SORRY. YOU DO.


My hearts desire that night? Don’t rush me. I put on the Leopardinos, ON THE RUG, this had been stipulated, under no circumstances walk on the wooden floors in the shoes!

I could tell they were half a size too big, I tried to kid myself at first.

 My beautiful blonde, wild haired granddaughter, casually eyeing her Grandmother trying to find a walk that would keep the shoes from slobbing off. How many walks can there be? The fact that your toes won’t grip the damn shoe is a mighty disappointing thing, like your feet are not on your side. Don’t they WANT the chance of Leopardinos??

“Anyssa! Look at Momar! What do you think? Are these the most beautiful shoes or what? Do you love them on me?”

“Momar! They are WAYYYY TOO BIG!” this said as though I should know better.

I did know better.

My second choice, and once I saw them for real, the Isabel Marant Boots. I tried these on and the earth kind of moved a bit for me!

I felt like all my heroines and idols were blended into one sexy woman.

That woman was me.

I was a bit French, a bit Stevie Nicks, part Anita Pallenberg part Vanessa Paradis, a bit Kate Moss (when she had her thirtieth birthday party, The Beautiful and The Damned,) a bit Jean Marine and part The French Lieutenants Woman, and a bit Poldark, well not Captain Poldark but you know, the feel of that.

But never mind that. I wanted the granddaughter’s opinion.

“Momar. You should buy the boots!”

Yesss! I kept taking them off, trying other stuff, holding the bags, putting on the sunglasses, POUTING at myself in the mirror, and believe me, I don’t have what it takes to pout well. Never mind, soon I won’t need to pout, I will have some incredibly sexy boots.

I enquired as to the price of boots after staff discount and was logging into my PayPal before you could say “JE SUIS TRES HEUREUX. “

I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking it also, I should have left it there and joined my girl in doing handstands on Tick Tock If you don’t know what this means you need to get down with the kids. That should have been it. The boots were enough.  

I just had one more box to look in, I had asked about these shoes and had admired from a distance for a few days. The black suede Yves Saint Laurent sandals.

The type of shoes that all of the afore mentioned ladies would wear, probably with opaque black tights and a beautiful print dress,( just like the one I bought from the Hippy Market in Ibiza!) and they would probably do a little shopping for pan au chocolat, du fromage and une boteille du vin.


Before I forget to mention it, let me tell you about my heart. All the time I was in that room, with it’s shelves and shelves full of boxes of shoes and boots, my heart was beating faster than normal! The adrenaline was pumping in there. It was exciting! It felt so good to just be in there, I kept getting the odd text…GO THROUGH EVERYTHING!! TRY THEM ALL!

At eleven o’clock the Love Luxe lady and her old man returned. Happier than I’ve seen in ages, they were SO grateful for me babysitting ( I thought this might be a good time to ask about the YSL sandals , not that I wanted to take advantage of their tipsiness or anything)


I’m  not going to say much else on the subject EXCEPT…We have come to “an arrangement” with regards to a Staff Discount AND a Babysitters Discount.

Smug? Me? NEVER.


Very quick preference for profile…

And I have tried these, and I felt SO Bohemian in them. The Alexander McQueen Tapestry Flat Pump, size 39, £175. Can’t tell you how pretty these are and how comfortable. I would wear these around the house as a treat to myself, with a pair of silk pyjamas … and Stevie Nicks or Vanessa Paradis singing in the background!

Keep warm, take care,

Ta-Ta for this one, Vanessa xx

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