January 10, 2019


Hello there, lovely customers and first time browsers!

The new year is off to a flying start, we are done with the first week already. Time goes faster, the older you get doesn’t it? I am currently in the middle of this awful cold and throat/cough that’s going around, soldiering on bravely though. Caught it off my husband, he was in trouble when I realised I also had it!

Has anyone bought anything nice and Luxe lately? Did you all see the Chanel bag we were given the heads up about Saturday morning??...Saturday evening listed, then couple of hours later, BOOOM!! Gone.  Yes, gone! I’m not saying you wanted it (yes, I do say stupid things at times don’t I?) BUT…this is why I always say keep us close, sign up for the newsletter and check daily AT LEAST, because if you are looking for a certain something, that is how quickly it can come and go!

Chanel GST Black caviar, what a total bargain, around half price of RRP!! Good grief, I don’t know where else you would get that bag at that price.

Right! I have some very exciting news for you now. Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I will begin…

How many of you have experienced the excitement and joy of a pair of Louboutins? Apart from comfort and quality and style, was part of their fascination for you the RED SOLES by any chance? Fear not, you are not judged here, this is a safe place for all kinds of shoe fanatics, even foot fetishists. Repeat after me now,


Ok, so take a minute now to breeeathe. Goood.

 Now personally, I am not a perfectionist type of person, look under my bed if you don’t believe me. A scratched sole does not bother me in the slightest! (in the first hour or two, it did, I will tell that tale in a bit, so don’t nod off.) But here in the Love Luxe H/Q we are paying a lot of attention to what you ask for. Yes, you know what’s coming right? Charlotte did a poll on Instagram and a staggering 91% of you would be interested in… Louboutins, of the same top-notch quality you are used to that have been resoled. Using only the best and closest match to the original soles, Casali Italian Mirror Soles are light, scratch resistant and non-slip. Quite a bit of research has gone into this at H/Q and because it’s what you want, we will shortly be offering a few pairs of these on the website. But the best bit is that they will cost less.

Now some of you who are purists in every way will not be interested in these, to you the wear of your Luxe shoes is all part of the life of them (I’m guessing that you people  plan to age gracefully) But the rest of you are horrified at the smallest scratch (and in my mind at least, you are the ones who will opt for a little nip or tuck when required)

On this happy note, let’s come together in our combined love of The Louboutin and agree that the re-soled shoes look FANTASTIC and this move is making LUXE items even more available to even more of you.

Ok, if you didn’t glean from that, that I’m one of the purists (and I say that, but if there’s Leopardinos in a 39 with a re-sole I will jump ship and be over to the other camp before you can say,

“Fill that syringe, I’ll clip back my fringe!”)

I will tell you about the first time I wore the Manolos that Santa brought. So, we went away for a couple of days for new year, my old man and me. I wore the Manolos, we wanted to call at the supermarket for a couple of things. Toes wearing a lovely dark red Nails Inc. in case you’re interested. On the shoes went and outside I stepped. If you didn’t read the blog where I describe how I fell in love with the soles before I even noticed the rest of those gorgeous shoes WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? AND KINDLY GO BACK AND CATCH UP THEN KEEP UP!

Yes, I know that sounds harsh but Constant Reader knows and understands I put a lot into these blogs and really, I expect you to turn up. PLEASE. So, the soles were untouched by ground or floor or ANYTHING. Ooh, how to describe how it felt to step out in them? You know the feeling when your daughter gets her ears pierced or your adult child gets a tattoo? Well a bit like that! I didn’t dare look underneath them until we got to the checkout in Morrisons. What followed was a sharp intake of breath, followed by a strangled kind of sob. Steve looked round for a stone to crawl under while I looked under my other shoe.

“They all thought you was having a heart attack or something!”

Yes, and I thought I might when I saw the damage (which was actually just a bit of dirt.) Very soon after my lie down in Morrisons First Aid room, I got over it. And the sheer beauty of them took over. Remember what I said earlier about it being a safe place here and not being judged, well don’t judge me now but every time we left the hotel, I was expecting the Paparazzi or something. The shoes made me feel amazing.!

So good in fact that I am getting the lime green Louboutin Doorknock kitten heels later! Those kitten heels are so good for me, mainly because…well, I CAN WALK IN THEM has a lot to do with it!


Right then, shall we get to the Preferred Profile? Let me see, so much beauty on this website, it’s hard to choose today.


…here we go, I’m inspired.

 BRAND NEW Dolce and Gabbana wooden mules size40. £245. RRP is £360.

Now I’ve said it, I want you to google Blondie Parallel lines. If you’re aged 40+ you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, Debbie Harry is a legend and inspired just about every female artist out there today. Her look was strong and sexy, check her out on the cover of this album, white leather mules, white sundress. I want whoever buys these mules we have on sale to replicate that album cover! Hands on hips, legs akimbo…ATTITUDE.

Ok, time to say farewell again people, going to watch my exuberant 7year old granddaughter in an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza tonight with her lovely mummy.


Take care, be good… or not.

Ta-Ta, Vanessa. Xx

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