That funny bit between Christmas and New Year...

December 29, 2018

That Funny Bit Between Christmas and New Year… 


Hi Luxe Lovers!

How was Christmas for you all then? It was really lovely here in Yorkshire! Snow would have made it perfect, but you can’t have everything. Santa came, and WOW was he on the mark! I must have been good because he managed to contact Charlotte. Remember a couple of blogs back when I waxed lyrical about some Manolos? Well those mauvey ones are exquisite but the ones I loved more, just because they are black were the pearl ones rather than the Swarovski ones.

According to my husband, I raved about them all the half hour home from the Love Luxe headquarters! Anyhow, cut a long story short (and you know I’m not good at THAT) Santa contacted Charlotte after my old man contacted Santa and after opening all my lovely presents off the old man and him saying,

“That is the last one.”  (It was a gorgeous old skool nightshirt… ) he produced something else, wrapped in an old Co-Op carrier bag from behind the armchair, THIS was the real last one.

Black suede Manolos, pearl encrusted, kitten heeled, TWO dust bags, what more can I say??

Heaven, Nirvana, Bliss.

Thank you, Charlotte, for being such a good secret keeper! I LOVE them.

If you received something your loved one bought you, or you treated yourself to, from Love Luxe,PLEASE SEND US YOUR PHOTOS. We enjoy seeing your pics and videos, and it gives us inspiration to work even harder and look further afield to find the best for you and bring them to you at the best price we can.


Tying in with this is that there will be a few changes in Charlotte’s working week in the new year.Nope, not more holidays or days off, a more intense work week with more time to get in the office.  It’s time to grow the business a bit because we have had so much beautiful, positive feedback from so many of you. We now know that to so many of you, it’s LOVE LUXE you are checking and buying from, time after time.

Our SELLING CUSTOMERS are happy, our BUYING CUSTOMERS are happy and guess what? WE are happy. Please always feel free to enquire, feed back, or make suggestions. Via email Got a special something hidden away that is luxury branded, maybe an un expected gift you never wore and want to sell it? It could be worth more than you realised. Send some pics in. Go to SELL AN ITEM in our menu for details.

We are putting plans into place that will ensure we have an even BIGGER selection of goodies for your delight and delectation.  We never forget that we are here because of you and we are truly grateful for all the fantastic messages we receive from you. One question we get asked by new customers is…

“ Is it real?”  I have touched on this before in blogs but just want to reiterate that you will NEVER  BE SOLD A FAKE ITEM WITH LOVE LUXE. Our authentication team is second to none, we have even had a request to “teach” someone how to authenticate items in the past few weeks. Over the past year or two, we have heard a few horror stories of people buying what seemed to be the genuine article from other sellers, only to find that the items were good copies but sadly not authentic, and thus ensued long and stressful periods of time trying to get their money back.

Your money and ours is hard-earned and purchasing something luxurious and beautiful should be pure pleasure. Don’t be duped by anyone!


I was at Love Luxe H/Q last week and WOW, when I walked through those double doors into the office, the smell of expensive leather… the team who work in there every day say they don’t notice it! Shelving and display cabinets are on order due to the extra stock now in!

So much to look forward to in the coming year!

If you don’t have a pair of heels for New Years Eve, I highly recommend going for a browse on the website later. You don’t have a dress? We have a small selection of incredible dresses also, but let us be honest here, you could wear whatever you like because if you are wearing shoes from us…Darling, all eyes on YOU.


Ok, time for my very own preferred profile.

Is there a shoe out there any sexier than this??

Could you not get any man ( or woman ) to fall at your feet if you wore these??

Are these beauties not named after one of our most sexy and iconic supermodels??

Christian Louboutin SO KATE Black kid, size 39. To me the black kid is one of the things I love about these, they try so hard to be understated but how can a shoe with a 120mm heel be understated I ask you. You could be wearing a sharp little suit with these but when you turn to walk away and that heel and the red sole are seen… OOOH MAMA!!

£325…. Very light scratch to the back of one shoe. Would it bother me? HELLLLL NOOOOO!


It will be the new year when we meet again for another exciting episode of The Love Luxe Blog, so I will wish you all now, a very happy and healthy new year.

Keep close to us, check the website regularly and if you don’t already own something LUXE , 2019 might be your lucky year.

Don't forget- We have 10% off everything running until New Years Day! (Enter code LUXE2018 at checkout)


Ta-Ta then for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR,


Vanessa Xx

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