When Art Meets Fashion...

November 20, 2018

When Art Meets Fashion...

Hi Shoe-Watchers!

Has everyone seen the Louis Vuitton scarf on sale EXCLUSIVELY AT LOVE LUXE? What a coup! Can I just say, as if you don’t already know how great we are here, that we have people from other countries as well as all over Britain who sell their beautiful stuff to us. We have a handful of buyers and sellers who are well known…but I couldn’t POSSIBLY be so indiscreet as to divulge!

And so, can I get to the competition and say, TIME IS RUNNING OUT PEOPLE!! I was having a look around the office again last week and found the prizes, I was tempted it’s true. But how much can you actually blame a seven-year-old for?

“Ohhh, I turned my back for a few minutes to stop the baby getting into the new Chanels…and Anyssa found the posh fizz, managed to open it, AND to add insult to injury Charlotte…SHE DRANK IT!”

The whole package looks wonderfully decadent, winning that would make my day for sure. Unfortunately, I have been banned from entering. I suppose I can say, grudgingly that it’s the right thing to do. (I don’t tend to use emojis in my blogs but insert  the eye roll here)

Whilst pottering around the office, with a tumbler full of Dael’s red wine (there are wine glasses, nice ones too but you get more in a tumbler), obvs the fizz would have been preference but…I chanced upon the most exquisite shoe box EVER. It was a Chanel box but a lot prettier than usual as it had gorgeous ribbon and a white camellia on top. (the camellia was allegedly Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, her lover, who dashingly, was a polo player, first gave her a bouquet of these) With much trepidation and a wine top up to give me strength and courage to open the box…I was in a happy place, thanks to said wine and quite open to a big spend. I opened this delicious box.

Thank goodness! Loafers!

 I am NOT a loafer girl. By that, I mean I am not a pristine, tidy, organised person, who looks good in cigarette pants and a crisp white shirt but if you ARE, I highly recommend the Chanel Moccasins (NOT loafers, I stand corrected)

I did try them on to see if I could magic myself into being the type to wear a moccasin OR loafer with style and ease and honestly, they were the MOST comfortable shoes I’ve EVER put on my feet EVER! I mean, I couldn’t tell I was wearing them. The butter soft woven leather just moulds to your feet. (lovingly)

They are brand spanking new, size 39 and £455, RRP is £710 so why the hell not if you are that woman to carry them off with aplomb?


By the way, that isn’t the official preferred profile, it’s one I sneaked in because of its box. Superficial? Moi? I’ll take it, it’s better than some of the other things I’ve been called this week.

I am fully organised and ready for Christmas, all presents bought and wrapping paper ready for me to launch myself into a wrapping frenzy, I’m making my own Christmas crackers this year, not done this for a while and definitely not yet done it for my grandkids. A thing you will hear often in our house in the next few weeks is,


Give the neighbours something to ponder over wont it?

And now back to that scarf/shawl.

This one’s the profile. Allow me to introduce you both properly,

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Shawl, meet Constant, Loyal Love Luxe customer! Love Luxe customer, this is something incredible. Here’s a bit of background…

A few weeks ago, Charlotte was contacted by a lady who had seen her on the news website. This lady had a wonderful piece of Luxe that she felt was wasted on her, she did not dare to use it and really felt it needed to find an owner who would love it and use it, either as art or as an outstanding accessory. She could have sold it herself, but she had seen how huge our customer base was and wanted it to be seen by as many people as possible and to end up with the right person.


In 2017, an artist from New York, called Jeff Koons collaborated with Louis Vuitton to come up with a very beautiful collection of accessories, called MASTERS. It was to be a collection featuring iconic works by Da Vinci, Rubens, Titian, Fragonard and Van Gogh.

(He was inspired by a previous collaboration he had done, called “Gazing Ball”)

For this series Koons reconfigured the Louis Vuitton monogram to feature his initials, something which has never been allowed before. The Mona Lisa is a portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, it is also known as La Gioconda, as it is a painting of the wife of Francesco del Gioconda.

The Mona Lisa is described as the most famous, most visited and most parodied painting of all time.

All I know is, when I peeled back the tissue in that orange box and saw the scarf ( I prefer scarf to shawl because I reckon anyone could wear this, and scarf is more unisex than shawl) I didn’t try it on as I was wearing make-up, plus I didn’t want to upset myself by having to then take it off again.

If you are stuck for a gift for your loved one for any occasion EVER and you have the means to purchase this, I urge you to JUST DO IT! It’s a gift of a lifetime really, something to keep forever and remember the buyer with love and fondness. If you are wanting to thank a female (or male) member of your family for being a great mother or grandmother…or father or grandfather ( better not leave the chaps out as we have lots of men reading and shopping with us now)  If you are wanting to reward a staff member for their dedication and hard work, if you are happy with your babysitter and feel the need to encourage them to add more dates in their busy diary… then this delight is for you to buy to say the biggest thank you EVER. I am certain you would be rewarded with extra date nights if you bought this for your babysitting person, I just know it!

A quick word of caution before I go. Please remember there’s only 1 of us, LOVE LUXE is the name to look for when you want genuine authenticated items of incredible quality and condition. I have done a bit of research this week, and there are copiers of us, who have been tried and tested BY US and I am here to tell you, they do not know their stuff. We are proud of what we have achieved with Love Luxe, we listen to our customers and are grateful to you for helping us achieve this awesome success.

 We want everyone to be able to afford gorgeous designer stuff! Our sources come to us, more often than not and our customers buy from us because they want a good price, but they trust that we are a registered business and we own the trademark LOVE LUXE. If you want a certain item but we don’t have it listed, send a message to us and we will do our best to find it for you, that way you will be able to buy with ease, knowing it’s the real thing.

If you want an item NOWWWW and Lay Away is not your choice because you don’t want to wait until it’s paid in full, you need to be patient a little while longer, you asked us for another option, interest free, obviously and we listened. I am not sure exactly when it will be here, hopefully before Christmas shall we say?


All done once again, told you everything you need to know about us, if you aren’t signed up for our newsletter you could miss out. A delivery arrived last week that even I didn’t know was coming and was listed and most of it sold within hours! Get signed up!!

Love to you all, have a great week!

Ta-Ta Luxury Lovers!

Vanessa Xx

P.S Black Friday this week, watch this space!

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