Where The Love Of Luxury Shoes Began...

February 04, 2019

Well hello there everyone!


Long time no see, how are things with you? Has anyone bought any nice Luxe that they love lately? I know I have. Yes to Chartreuse Lime for 2019 ( I tried to find a paint in this colour ages ago and found one by Johnstones when it was too late) yes, yes I am the proud new owner of the most exotic Chatreuse lime suede, kitten heeled Louboutin Door Knock shoesies!

My husband wanted to know, “What are you going to wear with them??”

None of his damn business. Or, put another way, wait and see! I have already found a pair of skinny jeans in this colour which I would then wear with oversized black sweater!

Take a minute to imagine.

Yes, it works for you doesn’t it? I also found a fantastic pair of Levi 501s at the market today, in my size… 4 quid!  Not exactly Luxe, but a real classic to put WITH the Luxe. I remember my first ever pair, bought for me by my brother, who then instructed me to sit in them in a bath full of hot water until the water went cold, for them to shrink to my size. I still wonder if this was a cruel trick. Anyway, I won’t be sitting in the bath in these.

Did you see the diamond Rolex and HOW QUICKLY IT SOLD?! What a beautiful piece of jewellery and believe me when I say they got that at an incredible price.

This blog, I’m giving a shout out to Charlotte with regards to how hard she’s working to bring us the bargains, if you only normally browse your own size or stick to one category, just do this out of interest, browse the whole website. If you haven’t checked out the whole thing for a while, you’re going to be very surprised and uncontrollably excited at the whole array of treasure for you to choose from. Also, remember interest free credit option or Lay Away option.


I am gutted that someone beat me to it on the Prada sunnies. If nobody beats me to it, I’m going to cop a good feel of the black Mulberry bag at £195 and let my heart tell me if I can afford it or not. If the smell of leather is intoxicating, my heart will persuade me that we need to cut down on other luxuries such as food and heating.


So, as you all will know now, we are three years in with the FABULOUS us, that is…


And if you have been paying attention, and honestly, how could you not when she posts photos of such beautiful merch nearly every day?? We are giving away a free gift card worth twenty quid to all followers and loyal customers of LOVE LUXE! All you do is register for our newsletter on the website then inbox us your email address and it will be emailed over to you.  We are not one of those places that give all the freebies to only new customers to get more customers, we ALSO look after our existing customers. So, if you are already signed up for the newsletter, email, inbox us with your email address.


There’s plenty of gorgeous bargains on here at the moment and £20 is £20, grab yourself a treat, you don’t have to spend a fortune, you can pick up a really lovely item for as little as £35, £15 using your gift card.


There’s literally so much on the website at the moment that I love, that it’s going to be hard to choose a preferred preference. I might have to do it a bit differently this week.

But before that, I want to tell you where I think this love of luxury shoes started…

I think it started around 1955 when a really beautiful , stylish lady was walking along the promenade at the seaside, wearing a fantastic pair of high heeled shoes,  I believe they were shocking pink high heeled sandals ( really OUT THERE for way back then) and a young, stylish and incredibly well dressed man wolf whistled at her and she turned around and this devilishly handsome man shouted, “I like your shoes love!”

Well love ensued, as it will when a lady is made a fuss over and treated often to new shoes and compliments and devoted love.

Fast forward to the 1970s and a young married couple who both love clothes and shoes and shopping in a shoe shop called EXTRAVAGANZA on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield.

This lady owned more shoes by Terry De Havilland back then than Kate Moss probably owns by him NOW! People, people…please! If you don’t know who he is, do a bit of research. Her first pair were exactly £100, back then and with three children, THAT was a lot of money. They were mules in lots of candy necklace colours and then glittered all over. The lady would write on the side of the box which they were and store them all quite obsessively in order in her shoe wardrobe, yes, SHOE WARDROBE. There was one pair of ankle boots with 6inch stiletto heels, they were slashed open at the front, made from the most divine leather and controversially, edged in black fur. She only wore these a couple of times as they were just too high. Those boots were passed around all the female members of the family from time to time in case anyone felt sturdy enough to wear them, no one ever did, and they always ended back in the shoe wardrobe. But don’t we all own at least one pair of shoes that are just for admiring?

  This lady had the good fortune of having a five-year-old granddaughter, who also LOVED SHOES, she felt she had met a soulmate. 

The little girl would raid the shoe wardrobe on many occasions and try on the many pairs of shoes.

She would be told, one day you will own shoes like this Charlotte…


LOUIS VUITTON, Destination pink sandals size 39, £195 (£175 with your free giftcard!) that’s £87.50 this payday and same next payday.

These little beauties are crying to be packed and taken on a flight to the beautiful white island of Ibiza. They long to be worn with a cute little sundress and be a part of things at the Saturday market at San Carles, where they would fit right in. IF and that must be a big if, you have never been to Ibiza and you are going soon, please be advised…this is the one place you DO NOT want to wear high heeled shoes. So, these sandals will serve you perfectly day to night!

Have to fly, ta-ta, take care! Vanessa. Xx

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